About the Award

Award vision

Building a model and an award program for start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprises to contribute to the UAE’s position as a pioneer and role model for creativity and innovation.

Award Mission

To provide an integrated program for the qualification, guidance and assessment of start-up, small, medium and small enterprises in the fields of knowledge economy, and to make them aware of the best practices, tools and methods to enable them to rise and lead.


The Abu Dhabi Chamber strives to effectively contribute to the realization of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision through engaging in its role to work with various private sector entities to enable them to become effective particularly in the knowledge economy.

In this regard, the Abu Dhabi Chamber pays particular attention to the development of entrepreneurship among the youth, and encourage them to enter into startups and small and medium enterprises. The Abu Dhabi Chamber realizes that the young entrepreneurs face quite a number of challenges that impede their progress towards growth and competitiveness.

As the Abu Dhabi chamber is keen to support these enterprises’ sustainability in growth and competitiveness, through appropriate planning and preparation.

Hence, the Abu Dhabi took this initiative to prepare a full-fledged program that aims to enable the entrepreneurs to appropriately plan and prepare for their enterprises through the adoption of an internationally practiced model that have led to success and excellence.

Therefore, the Abu Dhabi Chamber is launching this practical program through a seminars and workshops to enable participants to plan and prepare for their enterprises, besides carrying out assessment and provide assessment reports aiming at improvements in all aspects of the business model, and finally recognizing the excellent enterprises.

By doing so, the Abu Dhabi Chamber looks forward to becoming a strategic partner in the success of start-ups and SMEs.


Realize the Abu Dhabi Strategy focusing on knowledge economy. Promote entrepreneurship among the youth, through seminars for targeted sectors. Support entrepreneurs to take practical steps through sponsored incubators. Provide a framework the enables entrepreneurs to:
Appropriate execution of the start-ups and SMEs. Develop all aspects of the business to ensure success and excellence.
Provide a comprehensive program that covers:

Training on the framework concepts Training on implementing the framework Training on assessing enterprises


Award's Sectors & Categories


Award Sector

Award priority sectors have been set in line with the Science, Technology & Innovation Policy of the United Arab Emirates, namely:

Award Categories
Main Categories



Sub Categories

Organizations will be awarded as per the following categories:




Enrolling in the Award

Enrollment is open to all enterprises in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, be it a start-up or SME per the official definition. Enrollment is also open to all organizations wishing to use the model in offering new products or services. Enrollment in this program will help:
Entrepreneurship through realizing creative ideas into full-fledge business models Enhance competitiveness through reworking the business model, and proper implementation Innovate is every business aspect to achieve sustaining growth
Who can enroll?
Micro, small and medium enterprises Registered in Abu Dhabi Emirate Adopt the Business Model

How to enroll?
Interested parties may participate by registeration at the Award Office Interested parties attend seminar and awareness and raining courses Interested parties must fill out the registeration form and submit to the award office no later than the designated date. The award office, at its dicretion, may reject any submission without stating any reason for so


Submission Document (Business Model)
Application for shall be filled in Arabic or English Submission document shall be submitted in digital format (pdf file) Number of pages shall not exceed 24. Font used shall be Time New Roman – size 12 points, single space


The Business Model - Components

The business model has three components:


The Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Award is based on core values and principles that represent beliefs and behaviors found in high-performing and successful organization.

  • Race against change
  • Innovate to Succeed
  • Collaboration and Engagement
  • Face Risk


The Model Criteria

The Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Award Business Model is a strategic management framework for developing new or improving existing business.

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Customer Segments
  3. Channels
  4. Customer Relations
  5. Revenues
  6. Key Partners
  7. Key Processes
  8. Key Resources
  9. Cost
  10. Results

The periodic review of the business model and the results achieved for continuous improvement.

  • Assessment
  • Improvement

Criteria Weights


  Criterion   Weight
 1  Value Proposition  10%
 2  Customer Segments  10%
 3  Customer Relationships  08%
 4  Channels  08%
 5  Key Resources 08%
 6  Key Activities  08%
7  Key Partners  08%
 8  Cost Structure  10%
 9  Revenue Stream  10%
10  Results  20%


Our Services


  • Training programs on all award criteria (a diploma program)
  • Assessor Training Program
  • Provide consultancy to start-ups on how to enter into competition
  • Provide consultancy to enterprises on how to improve performance to become more competitive


  • Help in carrying out self assessment 
  • Assessment for the Award 


Contact Us



Abu Dhabi - Corniche Street - Abu Dhabi Chamber Building

Opening Hours

08:00 AM to 03:00 PM Sunday to Thursday


PHONE:  +971 2 6177 472 
   +971 2 6177 476
   +971 2 6177 552
 FAX:    +971 2 6177077
 P.O BOX   662
 WEBSITE:  http://www.abudhabichamber.ae
 EMAIL:   smeaward@adcci.gov.ae




Activity  Date 
Deadline for Applicants’ registration 18 August 2020
How to “Generate the Business Model and Apply to
the SME Award” workshop (2 Days)
June – September 2020
Deadline for Applicants’ submission 15 November 2020
Assessors Workshop  October 2020 
Desktop Assessment and Assessor Site Visits  December 2020 – January 2021
Closing Ceremony  TBD
Deadline for delivering the Feedback Reports  March 2021


To register and apply for the award, please click here




Award Guide - The Business Model
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