Working Groups

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has established specialized working groups comprised of experts and representatives from both governmental and private sectors.

These groups focus on pivotal economic sectors such as industry, workers' cities, real estate, construction, automotive agencies & importers of spare parts, education, healthcare, tourism and hospitality, agricultural development, SMEs and start-ups, banking and financial services, trade and logistics, retail, among others. Their primary goal is to identify and address challenges, promote innovation, and enhance the business ecosystem.

Formed based on recommendations from the private sector, these working groups ensure alignment with business needs and priorities. They provide a platform for active private sector engagement in decision-making, enabling businesses to leverage their expertise to influence and shape policies and initiatives that directly impact their industries. This collaboration fosters knowledge-sharing, allowing members to tackle common challenges and explore innovative solutions.

These working groups also ensure that the voices of businesses are heard by the government, fostering constructive dialogue between the private sector and governmental bodies. This engagement contributes to a collaborative business environment and ensures alignment with broader economic goals.

The formation of these working groups underscores the Chamber’s commitment to empowering industry leaders, facilitating informed decision-making, and advocating for policies. By driving innovation, efficiency, and best practices through the exchange of information and expertise, these groups position the business community at the forefront of economic discussions and policy-making processes. They ensure that the interests of businesses are well-represented and advocated for at both local and federal levels.

Recognized as cornerstones in empowering and bolstering the private sector's contribution to Abu Dhabi's economic advancement, these working groups are indispensable partners in comprehensive economic development. They actively participate in discussions surrounding relevant policies and regulations, playing a crucial role in the economic landscape.

We encourage businesses and industry experts to interact with these working groups, share their insights, and contribute to shaping the future of their sectors. If you have suggestions for new working groups that could further benefit the economic landscape, please let us know by leaving your input here. Your feedback is invaluable in our continuous efforts to support and enhance the business community in Abu Dhabi.

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