Abu Dhabi Chamber - Online Workshop

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organized an online workshop on the Digital Legal Services for Businesses in Abu Dhabi. The workshop aimed at exchanging experiences and increasing joint cooperation in amicable mediation. A number of representatives from the legal departments from the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry attended the event.

The workshop tackled some topics including the adoption of digital transformation in modern services, which aims at enriching customer experience; and the need to quickly respond to the different technical developments across the globe.

The workshop also highlighted the digital legal services, which the Chamber offers for its members including the digitization of the amicable mediation, legal consultations and contract review which had a number positive results compared to the previous routine procedures. This reflects the awareness of the Abu Dhabi Chamber and its continuous efforts towards coping with the rapid changes and developments in digital transformation and putting modern technologies in the service of the business community.

It is worth noting that the Chamber has launched its new website back in April, which follows the best international standards. The new website offers a group of innovative smart services and support for businesses including the issuance of memberships, Certificates of Origin, and attesting documents electronically. The Chamber has also annulled subscription fees for its electronic services.



Update On15 May 2024

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