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Attended by a number of elite academics and representatives of the business community, the UAE Academy, an affiliate to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized a virtual training program on Leadership Skills on 23 – 24 September.

The program tackled a number of key topics including leadership creative strategies, the methods of enhancing creative and innovative performance, developing administrative work, and highlighting the major effects of active leadership on making the future and its strong link to business motivation and teamwork.

The training program aims at informing the business community about the latest concept of creative strategies in leadership and the decisions of future shaping in the face of challenges and crises, and equipping businesses with the necessary skills and managerial mechanisms to shape the future.

The program also aims at increasing happiness and positivity in active business environment and enhancing critical thinking skills while increasing creativity within the working teams.
Aligned with the mandate of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, the UAE Academy’s education and training programs provide fresh graduates and professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills and certificates to compete in the job market. Such certificates include Certificate 4 in Business Administration, which will have its holder demonstrate a broad range of knowledge and practical skills to participate productively to support the Business Administration of an organization. 

The Academy also offers Diploma in Human Resources, which covers a wide range of topics that are crucial in a human resources environment like health and safety; communication; social responsibility and citizenship; workforce planning; remuneration management; recruitment selection, induction and termination of staff; performance management; learning and development; and leadership and management.

In addition, the UAE Academy provides a Diploma in Environment, Health and Safety, which equips learners with comprehensive specialized knowledge and practical skills to participate productively in environment health and safety roles in business and industry.



Update On15 May 2024

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