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The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is preparing to hold the first edition of Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Award on 16 February.

The ceremony is expected to witnessed the participation of many creative and innovative participants from diverse sectors including trade, retail, healthcare, contracting and industrial sectors as well as the educational, ICT and sports sectors just to name a few.

Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Award is one of the initiatives taken by the Chamber to reflect its commitment towards being a strategic partner in the success and excellence of SMEs in Abu Dhabi by unleashing their creative potentials and motivating them to compete in all fields and sectors.

The award is but a small part of the efforts the Chamber exerts, including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award and the Future Entrepreneurs Award, to play its role of empowering the business community in order to create a sustainable and diverse economy in Abu Dhabi built on high added value and encourages towards supporting innovative investment projects.

The award management has prepared a complete program to enable owners of micro, small and medium enterprises to prepare and plan for their businesses by adopting a proven model by well-known and successful international establishments.


Update On15 May 2024

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