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HE Mariam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of ADBWC, opened the virtual exhibition "First Option" held for the first time in the UAE through direct visual communication technologies, Zoom Program. Businesswomen Council of Abu Dhabi Chamber organised this event in light of the global pandemic of COVID-19, particularly in light of social distancing and in support of the journey of businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

Eleven businesswomen and entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Morocco attended the event along with a number of members of the Executive Board of the Council and Dr. Shafiqa Al Ameri, Executive Director of the ADBWC and a large number of businesswomen and entrepreneurs and community women from various Arab countries.

In her welcoming speech, HE Al Rumeithi thanked Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairperson of General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation Chairperson of Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood (May God Protect her) for her continued and unlimited support for Emirati, Gulf and Arab women, and for promoting women’s economic empowerment. This will inevitably enables women to participate actively in supporting the overall and sustainable economic development in the UAE, the Gulf states and the Arab world. She also praised the leading role of the ADBWC and its great successes in various sectors within local and regional partnerships.  

HE Al Rumeith also said that the exhibition includes various and excellent participations for a number of creative businesswomen and entrepreneurs from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco and Kuwait. These ladies promote their businesses in various areas. The professionalism and quality of the exhibited products, and the achievements of Emirati, Gulf and Arab women, especially in the field of trade, and their outstanding presence in marketing exhibitions have been praised.

She pointed out that the "First Option" exhibition, constitutes a special opportunity for women and the family in general, which would support the opportunities of marketing and virtual commercial exhibitions in the future through shopping and preparation for the requirements of various kinds of events. It will provide all they need within the areas of women interests, such as clothing, fashion and abayas, cosmetics and other women’s beauty centers, in addition to the participation of many well-known brands in the local, Gulf and Arab arena.

Participants in live virtual exhibition stressed the success of the organization. They also praised the importance of the exhibition in providing direct opportunities for women to promote and display their products before a large number of visitors during Coved-19, applying social distancing and taking precaution measures into consideration. They also stressed the importance of the Support of the ADBWC for creative businesswomen and entrepreneurs activities in the UAE, Arabian Gulf and the Arab world.



Update On15 May 2024

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