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Her Excellency, Mariam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, stressed the council's keenness and relentless endeavour to diversify its partnerships with government and private entities through a number of cooperation agreements that keep up with the aspirations of the members realising their utmost benefit.

This came on the sidelines of signing the MOU and Joint Cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, in the presence of HE Saud Abdulaziz Al Hosani, Acting Undersecretary of The Department of Culture and Tourism.

The Agreement aims to strengthen the partnership and cooperation relations between the two parties by promoting their own events and initiatives. In particular, those related to exchanging experiences and information for enhancing women’s abilities to participate in the development of society and economic activities, in an effort to strengthen the foundations of communication and provide support programs to raise the level of performance and to provide services at a high level.

 “The signing of the agreement with the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism is an extension of the Council's commitment to support building strategic partnerships and agreements with government and private institutions in the UAE and abroad, and to achieve one of the initiatives of the Five-Year Strategic Plan of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council 2020-2024. This will enhance the value of the services provided to the council’s members, provide the highest level of development and progress and enhance their opportunities in the business market,” said HE Al Rumaithi.

 “Since its inception, the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council has been honored by the support and nurture of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairperson of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation, Chairperson of Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and Honorary Chairperson of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council. This is part of Her Highness's continued support for the UAE Women's journey in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general,” she added.

She stressed the realization of the Council’s vision as one of the leading institutional entities that supports Emirati women to advance their role in the private sector and empower them to become a key partner in sustainable economic development across Abu Dhabi Emirate. Therefore, it was necessary to expand the areas of its community partnerships, to publicize all its services, and to promote all its activities, programs and events, which it organize periodically and continuously.

Partnership with Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism

“Through our partnership with Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, we are looking forward to the optimum benefit of the Department’s experience and capabilities to encourage the businesswomen to realise business leadership and to enhance the young women’s vital roles in the UAE economic and social development through key sectors of tourism and culture,” she added. Besides, she affirms that such cooperation will be a significant asset to the council’s developing portfolio of strategic partners, which would return with fruitful benefit and common objectives of the two parties.

HE Al Rumaithi also highlighted the prominent role of the department in developing Abu Dhabi cultural and tourism scenes. She pointed out that despite the unprecedented circumstances tourism has experienced under COVID-19, the UAE government spares no effort to develop and enhance its infrastructure and to strengthen the joint efforts for creating a unified national strategy to help develop this sector as a key pillar for non-oil economic development. 

HE Al Rumaithi said that one of the key items of the Cooperation Agreement signed with the Department of Culture and Tourism is the promotion for Abu Dhabi cultural and tourist sectors, family entertainment events and for cooperation with tourist sector’s developing committees in order to work more effectively for the development of Abu Dhabi cultural and tourist experience. Such items also included suggestions for exchanging ideas and offering initiatives, which would realise the Emirati women objectives and implementing them through mechanisms suggested for the development of cultural and economic work. 

HE Saud Al Hosani, Acting Undersecretary of The Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, said that the MOU with the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council complements our efforts to support and empower women to highlight their contribution to the country's various development efforts. Signing this agreement also aligns with the objectives of the women council recently established in the Department. This council will be responsible for all the strategies, polices and plans related to Emirati women development in the department. It also aims to offer suggestions and initiatives that would realise and implement women’s objectives as well as monitoring the issues that they encounter and develop practical solutions for them. Moreover, the council seeks to empower Emirati women, enhance their representation in all organizations of the private and public sectors as well as those related to the department for boosting her role as a leader in various areas. 

We are proud of this cooperation and look forward to achieving its objectives, which would contribute to highlighting the efforts of our wise leadership in supporting and empowering women. We are also very proud of their achievements, inspiring professional partnership and giving in all areas. We will seek to provide them with all the support they need in achieving the terms of the memorandum.



Update On15 May 2024

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