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The Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council virtually signed an MOU with the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan cultural and educational institutions in order to enhance the role of Emirati women in the private sector and enable them to become a key partner in the comprehensive and sustainable cultural and economic development of Abu Dhabi Emirate. It also aims to define the main framework for future cooperation between them, improve the quality of their services and achieve their goals.

This enables them to reinforce social responsibility that helps them spread their positive culture among all workers, consolidate their societal and economic constants and support integration between local authorities in serving the society of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The memorandum was signed by HH Sheikha Dr. Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Enterprises, and HE Maryam Al Rumeithi, Executive Chair of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council. This MOU allows the two parties to cooperate in realising common goals. On top of which is awareness and the spread of entrepreneurial culture and innovation across Abu Dhabi private sector. Studies, research and economic, commercial, technical and cultural consultations will also be exchanged in addition to the two parties’ participation in local, regional and international economic and cultural initiatives as well as conferences and forums for the target groups of both partners.

It also enables them to contribute to attract and qualify female working cadres between the two parties for ensuring business continuity.

Her Highness Sheikha Dr. Shamma Al Nahyan said, “Raising awareness and spreading the entrepreneurial culture and innovation in the private sector and enhancing the role of target groups is what we endeavour in order to achieve the UAE strategy. We also seek to exchange expertise in the field of studies, research, economic, commercial, technical and cultural consultations for realising common goals, by participating in initiatives as well as local, regional and international economic and cultural conferences and forums.”

Sheikha Dr. Shamma Al Nahyan praised the entrepreneurship experience of Emirati women in achieving tremendous economic successes due to the role of wise leadership in giving women the opportunity to prove themselves by participating in political, parliamentary and economic life. Emirati women have made great strides exceeding many societies for realizing themselves and becoming a real participant in the journey, while uniting with men in achieving the development of the Emirati society.

HE Maryam Al Rumeithi said, “Established in 2001, the ADBWC has been honored by the Honorary Chairmanship of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak (May God protect her) Chairperson of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood.

It enjoys her sponsorship, follow-up and guidance and it works under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Chamber. It is considered one of the main administrative units within the Chamber's organizational structure. The council aims to activate the role and participation of creative women and entrepreneurs in the private sector and contribute to maintaining the sustainability and continuity of their works represented in “Mubdi’a License” (Work permit from home). The number of women within the license is 2037. In addition to that, there is the award of Innovative Creative Best Project Idea where 174 entrepreneurs participated in 2020 and 5 projects won.” 

HE Al Rumeithi said that this MOU represents our commitment in backing the strategic partnerships and agreements with governmental and private enterprises locally and globally. It also realises one of the 5-Year Strategic Plan initiatives 2020-2024. 

On the behalf of the members of Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, the Executive Chair of ADBWC thanked HH Sheikha Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan and the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural and Educational Institutions, which are expected to be a key partner of ADBWC to realise fruitful cooperation for serving the society and enriching its agenda with various events, programmes  and activities.  



Update On15 May 2024

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