Event Name

Training Course on Accounting for Non-Accountants

Event Objectives
  • Introduce basic accounting concepts to candidates
  • Introduce the accounting cycle and its methods to candidates
  • Register and migrate accounting records and settlements 
  • Introduce to candidates basic financial statements, their importance and benefits of each statement.
  • How to analyze and interpret financial statements for administrative decision-taking.
The Training course will discuss
  • Introduction about accounting (financial statements and their importance to users)
  • Accounting cycle (review the dual-entry system and preparing the review balance)
  • Financial statements (statement of profits and losses, its components and importance, balance sheet, its components and importance) 
  • Cash flows and their analysis and importance of cash
  • Financial analysis (how to calculate and interpret financial ratios)
  • Dr. Husam Al Bakri & Mr. Mohammed Al Toukhi
Jun 29
Jul 01

07:30 PM - 09:30 PM


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