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Chamber Talk
COVID-19 & Force majeure: A UAE law perspective COVID-19

The Webinar will discuss
  • What is force majeure and why is it important? 
  • What are the consequences of force majeure on affected contracts? 
  • What are the legal requirements for something to be considered a force majeure event? 
  • Can the COVID-19 pandemic be considered a force majeure event? Would there be a difference between contracts entered into prior to the pandemic and those entered into now? 
  • Can force majeure apply to employment or lease contracts? 
  • What happens if the legal requirements for force majeure are not met, but a party’s compliance with its obligations would lead it to incur tremendous losses?
  • Can the parties agree in their contract what constitutes a force majeure event or how these should be treated? 
  • What steps can a party take to mitigate its legal and contractual risks, both with respect to contracts entered into prior to the pandemic and going forward? 
  • Ziad Salloum - Partner
Jul 12
Jul 12

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


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