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Issue Free Zone Membership

Through this service, you can apply for the registration and issuance of Abu Dhabi Chamber membership free zone certificate for facilitating your business with private and government sectors.

Required Documents

The following documents must be submitted during the application

  • Clarification Letter

  • Economic Licence

  • Emirates ID

  • Rent Contract

  • The Company's Memorandum of Association


  • Abu Dhabi Chamber membership registration fees for large free zone companies

    AED 2200

  • Abu Dhabi Chamber membership registration fees for small and medium-sized free zone companies

    AED 1000


  • 1

    Login through UAE PASS

  • 2

    Submit the application and the required documents

  • 3

    Pay the required fees

  • 4

    Receive membership certificate


  • Issuance of a licence from the Free Zone Authority

Issue Free Zone Membership

12 minutes

varying cost

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