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Issue Certificate of Origin

Request for Certificate of Origin: Through this service, you can request issuing a "Certificate of Origin", attesting export invoices and packing list to facilitate export and re-export operations for establishments and companies in Abu Dhabi Commerce".

Required Documents

The following documents must be submitted during the application

  • Original invoice

  • Packing list


  • Additional copy of the Certificate of Origin

    AED 5

  • Issuing a Certificate of Origin for invoice value between 1 - 50,000 AED

    AED 100

  • Issuing a Certificate of Origin for invoice value between 50,000 - 100,000 AED

    AED 200

  • Issuing a Certificate of Origin for invoice value more than 100,000 AED

    AED 300

  • Packing list attestation

    AED 5


  • 1

    Login through UAE PASS

  • 2

    Submit the application and the required documents

  • 3

    Pay the applicable fees

  • 4

    Receive Certificate of Origin


  • The company's membership in the Abu Dhabi Chamber must be valid "In the case of commercial export"

  • In case of exporting personal goods, please fill out the export declaration and attach it to the application, including details about the items, their number, and their estimated cost.

  • In case of exporting goods made in the UAE, please provide the Chamber with the invoices of the factory from which the purchase was made and a valid factory licence

  • Export and Re-export regulations must be adhered to, and the goods to be exported must be within the scope of the requester company activities as registered on their economical licence

Issue Certificate of Origin

12 Minute

Varying cost

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