The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides mediation, a private process where a neutral third person called a mediator helps the parties discuss and try to resolve the dispute. 

A highly structured and interactive process, mediation allows the parties to have the opportunity to discuss the issues in a neutral platform and explore ideas for dispute resolution. By doing this, parties involved in a dispute may be able to preserve the integrity of their relationship, venture or contract. It is designed to give all parties a better understanding of a win-win solution that upholds their interests and that of their stakeholders.

In 2019, the Abu Dhabi Chamber's Legal Services Department was able to help resolve AED 48 million worth of disputes via mediation. That means a significant number of companies were able to put to end financial, emotional and psychological burdens that disputes take toll on the parties.  

As a neutral third party, Abu Dhabi Chamber uses this method of dialogue and negotiation to reach common grounds which are contractually binding, reducing potential risks of costly and time-consuming arbitration or litigation.

Contracts Review

Contracts outline the expectations for both parties, protecting both parties in case those expectations were not met. Hence, signing any agreement must be done only after carefully analyzing its entire provisions, which involve the interests of individual parties. All parties must ensure, by all means, that they employ a rational analysis of business contracts on a line-by-line basis. 
This is the gap that Abu Dhabi Chamber fills in. Avoid faulty agreements. Get your business-related contracts reviewed by our experts.

Legal Consultation

Our experts in the Legal and Policy Support Services Department will be to happy discuss your legal queries regarding your business concerns, in accordance with emanating laws in the UAE and in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.


With more than 50 years of expertise in the private sector, Abu Dhabi Chamber understands that every business needs additional support from the legal standpoint. Abu Dhabi Chamber regularly organizes trainings, seminars and workshops on various legal topics of interest to businesses. These activities aim to increase our Members’ legal awareness in doing business in cooperation with competent governmental bodies.


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