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Keeping up to date with ADC's activities and news ​updates

Keeping up to date with ADC's activities and news updates​​

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Abu Dhabi Chamber organizes a workshop on “Public-Private Partnership in Accordance with Law No.2 of 2019”

The workshop comes as a part of a series of seminars and workshops organized by the Chamber to support the business sector in Abu Dhabi.


The workshop aimed at informing the business sector with the new prospects of partnership projects between public and private sectors across the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

It also aimed at spreading the culture of the public-private partnership, which contributes to serving the country and its national agenda in realizing a sustainable economy built on knowledge, competitiveness, experience and diversity.

During the workshop, Lecturer Dr. Mohammed Haitham Salman – Co-manager of Middle East Alliance Legal Consultancy, tackled the importance and advantages of partnership projects; partnership legal framework across the emirate; Partnership nature in the region; and the implementation phases of partnership projects according to international practices.