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Keeping up to date with ADC's activities and news updates​​


Abu Dhabi Chamber: Tolerance is a well-established value and a principle in the UAE

Heritage is also an ever-lasting heritage that we inherited from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, considering it one of his deep-rooted features and a meaning that accompanied him as a ruler and a leader to his people.


Our wise leadership adopted this approach and carried this message to strengthen the values of tolerance locally, regionally and internationally. Today, tolerance has become a feature that the UAE is known for around the globe.

Tolerance has also become a value on which our beloved country is built based on respect and coexistence. We have to instill such values deep within our sons and daughters and the future generations and establish its culture as a principle for all those who reside on this land, which embraces more than 200 nationalities who are enjoying a decent lifestyle and mutual respect. This land is featured with the values of tolerance, peace, security and cultural diversity as per the international accords and the laws of the UAE.