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Keeping up to date with ADC's activities and news updates​​


The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes the summer training programme for the Emirati university students

Within its efforts that contribute to provide field and practical training for the Emirati university students, the Abu Dhabi Chamber started its summer training programme in the presence of HE Mohammed Helal Al Mheiri, the Chamber’s Director General, a number of executive and department directors as well as top officials of the Chamber.

Organized by the Chamber for several past years, this programme aims at providing field training opportunities for the Emirati students to develop their practical skills which would in turn back the local business market with certified and well-trained people. It also aims at introducing to the students the available professional options so that they can decide their future professions by themselves.

“I am delighted to meet this distinguished elite of Emirati university students on the occasion of the commencement of the training summer programme 2019 organized by the Abu Dhabi Chamber seeking to strengthen these students’ skills and potentials so that they could effectively contribute to various economic and service activities in both UAE public and private sectors,” said Al Mheiri .


He also affirmed that organizing such training programmes is stemmed out the Chamber’s keenness on habilitating the national cadre theoretically and practically to be capable of involving in business field in order to keep up with the current development in various economic sectors. This inevitably reflects our wise leadership’s vision in empowering the Emirati young people to hold leading posts in various institutions and to be fully aware of the UAE business market nature and its needs.

Al Mheiri pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Chamber puts all its potentials and provides all possible filed opportunities for the students so that they can fully make use of this programme. “We, as private sector representatives across Abu Dhabi, exert unflagging efforts to promote national human resource journey by increasing their participation in different areas, supporting them and providing reasons to their success,” he added.

Al Mheiri stressed that According to the applicable Chamber’s Human Resource Regulations, students participating in this programme will be treated as the Chamber employees vested by certain professional tasks and will be monitored during the programme. During summer, the Chamber provides summer training in the following fields: Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Media and Public Relations, IT Systems, Law & Business Administration.

HE also added that prior to the end of the programme activities, the participants will be given the opportunity to assess the programme and how far they have benefited from it. Besides, they will be honored by HE the Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in return for their commitment in obtaining professional skills and knowledge.