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Keeping up to date with ADC's activities and news updates​​


The Abu Dhabi Chamber discusses the areas of trade cooperation with the Chairman of UAE-Singapore Business Council in Abu Dhabi

HE Mohamed Helal Al Mheiri, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the presence of Mr. Abdulla Ghurair Al Qubaisi, the Chamber’s Deputy Director General met in the Chamber the Chairman of the UAE-Singapore Business Council Dr. Brian Shegar to discuss certain the areas of business sector for the two parties, to learn about the program of the council during 2019 and to preview its agenda concerning the promotion of mutual trading and investment mechanism.  

HE Al Mheiri affirmed that the excellent bilateral relations between the UAE and the friendly Republic of Singapore have been fruitful under the wise leadership of the two countries for opening broad and effective prospects of economic and trading areas. This would enhance the role of the private sector’s institutions and corporates to work jointly in an integrated system in order to strengthen the ties by promoting the trading cooperation between the two parties. “The UAE is seriously and significantly taking into account cooperation with Singapore as one of the largest free economic countries in the world. On the other hand, the UAE is one of the most important economic destinations for easy and flexible business practice,” said Al Mheiri. 

HE Al Mheiri pointed out that establishing the UAE-Singapore Business Council would empower the corporates and business community in both countries so that they can benefit from their communication relations and logistics. This inevitably contributes to discover the auspicious trading and investment opportunities as well as coordination of common efforts to explore the areas of cooperation in the important development sectors such as industry, energy, banks, financial services, construction, education, food, electricity, trade sector, public services, tourism and health sector. 

He also added that the Abu Dhabi Chamber exerts concerted efforts through its representative office in Singapore to enhance the opportunities of trading and investment cooperation not only for the interest of Abu Dhabi, but also for the UAE as a whole. This happens through exchanging relevant information and reports, shedding light on investment climates and advantages as well as learning about the frameworks of establishing new companies and organizing meetings with business and investment delegations to explore the investment opportunities available in the UAE. 


HE Al Mheiri further added that the Abu Dhabi Chamber is ready to work jointly with the UAE-Singapore Business Council to organize mutual trading visits and put a plan to explore the important investment opportunities that would enhance trade cooperation exemplified in the Abu Dhabi Chamber’s leading role in promoting the business environment in the UAE and serving the private sector. 

On his part, Dr. Brian Shegar expressed his delightfulness about visiting the Abu Dhabi Chamber and exploring it through his agenda of business visits to many companies and institutions around the UAE in order to drive and activate the fields of cooperation which would strengthen the ties between the two countries. He stressed that his country looks at the UAE as one of the major economic partners in the Middle East and Africa. He also added that the two countries are prompted by the desire to enhance trade and investment bilateral relations particularly because both are witnessing robust economic eras at the global level reaffirming the importance of economic cooperation and creating new investment areas that serve the interest of the two countries in the long run.