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Keeping up to date with ADC's activities and news updates​​

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft Dynamics Contact Center (Unified Service Desk) Implementation Project - Tender

  • Tender #:Public Tender  (2/2018)

    Tender Purchase Cost: 1500 AED

    The Abu Dhabi Chamber will be accepting proposals to develop the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM on-premises. This implementation will include the CRM Module, Event Management and Marketing Module, and Contact Center/Customer Service Module (Unified Service Desk).

    The Project Goals include:

    1.Improve productivity

    2.Providing consistent delivery of services and information across different channels

    3.Enhancing customer experience

    4.Enable effective and targeted communication with customers

    5.Provide a one stop shop for customer information management and communication

    6.Allow for ease of targeted communication and creation of business communication groups by the end users.


    1. First Ad in Newspapers Nov 11

    2. Second Ad in Newspapers Nov 18

    3. Last Day to purchase Tender Nov 22

    4. Open Forum Q&A Nov 29

    5. Tender Closing Dec 23

    For additional information please contact 026177311/026177321. The Tender Documents can be purchased and obtained from the Abu Dhabi Chamber Tower on the Corniche from the Purchasing Department on the 16th Floor from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM.