International Representation Offices


​In-line with the Abu Dhabi Chamber’s strategy which aims to support the Abu Dhabi Plan 2016-2020, The Abu Dhabi Chamber has established International Representation Offices with the goal of promoting the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as an investment destination. The offices provide the following services:​​​


  • Step-by-step guides on how to s​​etup a business in Abu Dhabi with facilitation services
  • Access to reliable market research articles published by the Abu Dhabi Chamber regarding the Abu Dhabi economy
  • Legal consulting servic​​es in Abu Dhabi
  • Access to the Abu Dhabi Chamber membership directory to facilitate communication.
  • Facilitation of B2B meetings with businesses in Abu Dhabi and Matching business opportunities with potential local partners
  • Organization and facilitation of Trade Missions

Our Korea office was established in 2015 in the Trade Tower which is part of the prestigious Gangnam district in Seoul. This office is the gateway for Korean companies wishing to conduct business and invest in Abu Dhabi while providing opportunities for Abu Dhabi Chamber members in Abu Dhabi to interact and develop partnerships with leading companies in Korea. The Abu Dhabi Chamber Korea Office organizes various events to promote Abu Dhabi as a commercial center and investment destination. The office also works with businesses within Abu Dhabi and Seoul to identify bilateral business and economic opportunities. location details please visit the

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