About Us

Who we are and what Abu Dhabi Chamber stands for?

Contributing towards developing and organizing the commercial and trade activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, increasing the competitiveness capabilities of the companies of the private sector and expanding their opportunities ​​through providing high world-class services which would contribute to realizing a sustainable development in the emirate.

Board of Directors

H.E. Muhammad Thani Murshed Ghannam Al Rumaithi


H.E. Ebraheem Mahmood Muhammad Al Mahmood

First Vice Chairman

H.E. Altaher Musabah Al Kendi Al Marar

Second Vice Chairman

H.E. Muhammad Mehanna Al Qubaisi


H.E. Hamad Hasan Al Awadhi


H.E. Mariam Mohamed Al Rumaithi

Board Member

H.E. Moza Saeed Al Otaiba

Board Member

H.E. Jamal Saeed Al Nuaimi

Board Member

H.E. Ahmad Salem Al Sudain

Board Member

H.E. Dalal Saeed Muhair Al Qubaisi

Board Member

H.E. Rashid Ahmad Mohamed Khamis Al Romaithi

Board Member

H.E. Hamid Mohamed Abdulraheem Al Shaer

Board Member

H.E. Reed Hamad Al Sheryani Al Dhaheri

Board Member

H.E. Khalifa Eisa Mohammed Al Khaili

Board Member

H.E. Mubarak Hamad Mohamed Al Ameri

Board Member

H.E. Mohamed Ateeq Jumaa Al Hameli

Board Member

H.E. Sanad Saeed Al Meqbali

Board Member

H.E. Abdulla Mahmoud Al Qaissieh

Board Member

H.E. Ibrahim Ismail Fteh Ali Abdulla Al Khajeh

Board Member

H.E. Yousuf Ali Musaliam Veettil Abdul Kader

Board Member

H.E. Khan Zaman Suroor Khani

Board Member

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Organization Chart

  • Board of Directors
  • Chairman
  • Cha​irman Office
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Director General
  • Advisory Boards and Centers
  • Director General Office
  • Deputy Director General
  • Al Dhafra Branch
  • Al Ain Branch
  • Strategic Planning and Development Sector
    • Corporate Excellence and Business Continuity Dept.
    • Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Dept.
  • Human Resources and Administrative Services Sector
    • Human Resources and​ Emiratisation Dept.
    • Administrative Services Dept.
  • Finance and Support Services Sector
    • Finance Dept.
    • Information Technology Dept.
    • Procurement and Contracts Dept.
  • Marketing, Partnerships and Delegations Sector
    • Partnerships Management Dept.
    • Delegations and International Representation Dept.
    • Marketing and Communication Dept.
  • Innovation and Business Development Sector
    • Training and Economic Consulting Dept.
    • Incentives and Commercial Programs Dept.
    • Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Businesses Dept.
  • Members Services Sector
    • Membership and Legal Services Dept.
    • Information and E-Services Dept

Economic and Adhoc Committees

The private sector is the backbone of industry, trade and commerce in the UAE and the Emirate state of Abu Dhabi. It makes a significant contribution to the country’s future through its trade and commerce activities. For this reason, it is adequate that the government cooperates with the private sector through consultation and mutual partnership. This way we can create a robust market structure that is capable of meeting the needs of the global economy, especially in business environments characterized by volatility.

To meet the purpose of promoting the role of the private sector, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) is organized in a number of committees:

About the Board Committees and their purpose​:

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) is aware of the vital role that specialized committees can play in serving the various economic sectors, which in turn contributes significantly to the development of the national economy. Today’s national economy is dominated by the private sector. Private sector activity is necessary to meet the require​ments and needs of a fast-paced economic environment, within local, regional and international boundaries.

To achieve this purpose the Board of Directors has fostered partnerships between the private sector and the government with the aim of socio-economic integration and progress in the Emirate.

With these goals in mind, several specialized committees have been formed to serve specific sectors. They evaluate the situation of the private sector on a continuous​ basis to confront issues and challenges, explore solutions, and recommend them to the concerned authorities. In addition, the committees conduct studies in relation to business matters with the goal of boosting the economic capacity of the private sector.

The committee members consist of the Board of Directors, businessmen and members of the Chamber and their employees working in a variety of sectors, in addition to members from various government agencies.​

The purpose of establishing board committees, subcommittees and working groups:​

  1. Strengthen links and communication between the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) and its members through the Chamber’s service provision provided by the Chamber facilitated by the committees.​
  2. Identify issues facing the private sector and make recommendations to the relevant authorities to advance their resolution.
  3. Work towards the improvement of the private sector through the organization of annual forums, seminars and workshops.
  4. Contribute to the development of legislation supporting the economy in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 
  5. Strengthen the mutual partnership between the private sector and the government sector through the Chamber. 
  6. Commission and conduction of research studies and reports with the objective of development of trade and industry and improvement of the business environment.
  7. Confront challenges that hinder full realization of the private sector’s potential within the Emirate’s economy.
  8. Enable the private sector to advance the realization of the economic vision of the Emirate.​​​​​​​

I : Board Directors

Board CommitteesThe Board of Directors
Industry CommitteeH.E. Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Qaysiyah​
Commerce Committee​H.E. Reed Hamad Khamis Al-Shuriaani Al-Dhahiri​
Service CommitteeH.E. Sanad Mohammed Saeed Morshed Al-Mqbali
Skilled Trade Committee​
H.E. Ibrahim Ismail Fath Ali Abdullah Al-Khaja
Real Estate Sector Committee​H.E. Mubarak Hamad Mohammed Marzouq Al-Ameri
Factory City CommitteeH.E.​ Mubarak Hamad Mohammed Marzouq Al-Ameri​​

II. Chairmen of Subcommittees and Working Groups

Subcommittees and Working Groups
Real Estate Sector Committee​​
Engineering consulting and contracting committee​
Mr. Rashed Ahmed Mohammed Khamis Obaid Al-Rumaithi
Real estate management committeeMr. Ahmed Salem Al-Sowideen
Real estate investment and development committee His Excellency Mubarak Hamad Mohammed Marzouq Al-Ameri
Commercial Sector Committee​​​
Fuel, ore, minerals and industrial chemicals trade committeeMr. Ali Al-Ameri
Gold and jewellery trade committ​​ee Mr. Salim Alshaabi
​Mr. Ezz Al-dine
Food, beverages and tobacco trade committeeHis Excellency Yousuf Ali Musalliam Vettel Abdelkader
Mr. Mohammed Heridi
Car, office machines and communication equipment trade committeeMr. Osama Said
Service Sector Committee
Travel and to​urism working group Mr. Salah Al-Kaabi
Insurance sector working groupMr. Mohamed Mazhar Hamada
Shipping & customs clearance working group-
Services sector and government transactions working group-
Financial and banking services working group -
​ ​