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Abu Dhabi School of management (ADSM), a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has announced that it has been awarded the Business Graduate Association (BGA) Validation for the full three-year period.

With this achievement, ADSM has reached a significant milestone in its journey to obtain international recognition, which would allow it to reach new levels of research and development as well as academic innovation.

On this occasion, His Excellency Mohamed Helal Al Mheiri, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, praised this achievement saying, “We are very proud of this milestone. Today, ADSM has been awarded this prestigious validation, which reflects the hard efforts exerted in providing the business community with highly qualified national cadres capable of leading towards future entrepreneurship.”

“This accomplishment is not a spur-of-the-moment, but the fruit of hard efforts ADSM spent since its inauguration. The School worked hard to enrich educational outcomes through empowering scientific research and pushing the wheel of comprehensive innovation while adopting the best international practices in this regard,” he added. “This would guarantee an ambitious and promising generation of entrepreneurs capable of pressing the comprehensive development process in the UAE forward.” 

This three-year Validation is the final stepping-stone towards ADSM’s BGA Accreditation. It constitutes a cost-effective, time efficient and rigorous quality insurance process for ADSM to build on the pillars of positive impact, responsible management, and lifelong learning.

The Business Graduates Association (BGA) is an international membership and quality assurance body for world leading and high-potential Business Schools. It ensures the quality of educational materials and commitment to international standards by the schools offering master degrees in business management according to standards it developed and implemented since its foundation in 1967.

Schools within BGA’s network share its commitment to responsible management practices, lifelong learning, and delivering positive impact for Business School stakeholders.



Update On15 May 2024

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