The value of connections in the world of business, trade and commerce is indisputable. Through our unique Member’s Information Center, not only do we link like-minded people, we also boost their business intelligence and network on a local, regional and global scale.

Our Member’s Information Center provides a streamlined database of potential partners in various sectors. It is dedicated to give our Members an overview of business opportunities that they can seize and optimize in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, along with consultation and information services. 

We provide:

  • Free consultations on business development and business opportunities.
  • Information support to business-related or membership-related inquiries.
  • Referral, guidance and support on procedures involving government departments, such as licensing.
  • Access to publications containing up-to-date and relevant data and information.

Fell Free to Contact  Member Services Section

Email address:
Telephone number: +971 2 6177266

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