To reach new frontiers on an international scope, Abu Dhabi Chamber has created International Representations Offices in strategic locations in the Asia Pacific to position the emirate as a leading foreign investment destination. This move aims to shore up investment opportunities in the emirate for regional players and international powerhouses.

Our International Representations Offices in Singapore and South Korea act as bridges for strategic partnerships and commercial opportunities between Abu Dhabi and Asia. They now play a role as vital platforms for the Abu Dhabi Chamber to draw more and more overseas investors to explore the emirate’s vibrant market.

Guided by the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 that envisions the emirate as a premier economic, tourist and commercial capital, the Abu Dhabi Chamber galvanizes the regulatory framework for key sectors. With this important stimulus in place, buttressed by the introduction our International Representations Offices in Singapore and South Korea in 2015, the Abu Dhabi Chamber has attracted 473 foreign investors from across the globe in 2019. This positive result was also made viable by the 70 activities hosted by our International Representations Offices.

The establishment of our International Representations Offices in these two key locations has so far seen a whopping 316 businesses and corporations from Singapore and South Korea, which registered for the Abu Dhabi Chamber, with some 26 countries that pursued in exploring foreign investment opportunities in the Capital. 

Our International Representation Offices provide the following services:

  • Step-by-step process on setting up a business in Abu Dhabi, with facilitation services
  • Access to reliable market research articles published by the Abu Dhabi Chamber pertaining to the Abu Dhabi economy
  • Legal consulting services in Abu Dhabi 
  • Access to the Abu Dhabi Chamber membership directory to facilitate communication
  • Facilitation of B2B meetings with businesses in Abu Dhabi and matching business opportunities with potential local partners
  • Organization and facilitation of trade missions


For more information please contact, Delegations & International Representation Department
Telephone number: +971 2 6177516


International Representations Office in South Korea

The International Representations Office in South Korea was formed in 2015. Located at the Korea World Trade Center in the prestigious Gangnam district in the capital Seoul, it serves as a gateway for Korean companies desiring to conduct businesses in Abu Dhabi.
Aside from this, it provides Abu Dhabi Chamber members a platform to connect and build partnerships with leading companies in South Korea. 



International Representative Office in Singapore

Our International Representative Office in Singapore was established in 2015. Located at Fuji Xerox Towers in the heart of the Singapore’s Central Business District, it serves as the conduit for Singapore and Asia-Pacific organizations seeking to establish businesses or pursuing investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi. 
It also encourages businesses and organizations from Abu Dhabi, Singapore and the Asia-Pacific to pinpoint mutually beneficial commercial and investment opportunities where vital foreign investors can maximize market potentials. 



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