Credit Rating Services

The Credit Rating Service was established to enhance trust between companies, thereby, expanding the scope of their commercial transactions. It also encourages investments in global markets by mitigating commercial risks for companies. These services will help Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry members compete and navigate the challenges of the domestic and global marketplace. Credit Rating Services are open to Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry members as well as non- members worldwide.

What is Credit rating?

The ADCCI Credit Rating Service consists of three services for members to get reliable information about their customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. The rating Credit Opinion and the rating Customized Credit Opinion measure the capability of a company, to repay fully on time, and to honour its financial obligations. The rating methodology, based on a global rating scale, expressed in , evaluates regardless of the company’s location or commercial activity. The Business Information Reports give reliable information on UAE, GCC and worldwide companies.

List of Services:

1. Rating Credit Opinion:

A rating system which provides a snapshot of a company’s capacity to honor its commercial commitments to customers and suppliers (up to ~ AED 500,000)

Benefits of the Rating Credit Opinion:

  • A Credit assessment score given by a credit expert
  • In identification of potential risks associated with the rated company
  • Historian easy to read scale where ~ 100,000 AED, ~ 250,000 AED and ~ 500,000 AED

2. Rating Customized Credit Opinion:

For members who need ratings for higher amounts from ~ AED 500,000 and above. The rating Customized Credit Opinion is presented as a monetary figure that reflects the applicant’s recommended credit limit.

Benefits of the Rating Customized Credit Opinion:

  • Provide the capacity to evaluate a trading Partner’s financial circumstances
  • Ascertains the ability of a company to honour its financial commitments
  • Reduces the risk of non-payment

3. Business Information Report:

A comprehensive report that covers the company’s business, legal and financial information

Benefits of the Business Information Report:

  • *Provides reliable Information on companies worldwide
  • Enables strategic focus on credit worthy clients with high business potential
  • Saves time and offers flexibility to make better informed business decisions
  • Improves the available data on a companies portfolio of customers.