Dhabi Discount Card


Abu Dhabi Chamber is seeking all the time to revitalize business activities inside the UAE, and to serve merchants and owners of various businesses. Dhabi Discount Family Card (DDFC) is one of the Chamber’s projects in this context. The project aims to encourage nationals and residents to both go shopping and make use of the exceptional percentage of discount offered by it. Thus, the DDFC Card’s project is a significant step in support of the private sector that has turned out to be a key player in the process of development being witnessed by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Through mutual cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Chamber and its members, including owners of shops and businesses, an ideal commercial environment is going to be brought to life and one that would be beneficial to customers, on the one hand, and to domestic economy on the other. All segments of society would take heart as well to go shopping by means of using card that provides different ratios of discount at a varied number of shops and malls.


Participating sectors:


Beauty & Fitness- Men’s Saloon – Hospitals & Clinics – Health Care- Café Shop-
Fashion &Textiles – Flowers &Gifts – Furniture’s &Decors- Jewelers’ – Restaurant
Sweets – Variety – Services – Training &Consultants – Perfume – Hotels –
Recreational Places


For more information, please contact :
Tel : 02 6177418
E-mail : n.obaid@adcci.gov.ae


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