The Legal Services Department (LSD) at the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry serves as a reliable legal reference and is an integral p​art of the Chamber's organizational structure. The LSD dwells on providing distinguished legal services in a manner which would enhance the role of the Chamber in fostering and bringing about a flourishing business and investment and in coping with the international developments as per the most up-to-date applicable legislations and their latest amendments, for these would  help attract foreign investors by means of facilitating the legal procedures.

Our Legal Services

Firstly, Enquiries and Legal Advice

  • The Abu Dhabi Chamber-based LSD provides the Chamber's members and the business community with simultaneous and urgent services of legal consultancy and enquiries via the telephone, fax and the e-mail or even by approaching the Chamber premises personally​.

  •  Providing legal opinion and legal solutions for different transactions.

  •  Expressing legal viewpoint and feedback on draft laws, decisions and regulations referred by public entities, in addition to following up, compiling and classifying laws and regulations related to commerce and industry

  •  Holding seminars and delivering lectures which deal with legal aspects of interest to businessmen, investors and students of legal sciences​.

  • Participating in conferences and organizing ad-hoc forums which are related to commercial legislations for development and modernization.

  •  Preparing studies on economic projects submitted to the LSD and providing opinions and making suggestions for the Chamber's members and competent authorities in fields associated with industrial, commercial and economic affairs.

 Second: Contracts & memorandums

Preparing contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding besides making arrangements for tenders floated by the Abu Dhabi Chamber so as to get a given task accomplished, in addition to reviewing and considering such contracts of members who are desirous of  obtaining relevant legal opinion as:
  •  Contracts of commercial companies
  •  Sales, import and export contracts
  •  Employment contracts
  • Lease/tenancy contracts, and
  • Commercial agencies and the like.      
Third: Legal Publications
Publication Value –Dhs.

Commercial Companies


Law No. 27/2005 for Re- Organization of Abu Dhabi Chamber


Executive Rules on Law No. 27 of 2005


No. 20/2006 Concerning Tenancy and Organization of Landlord-Tenant relation In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi​


Trade Licenses Guide​


Federal Law No.18/1981 Organizing the Commercial Agencies & Relevant Amendments –Commercial Gents' Guide


Choose your type of Company​


Legal Bulletin​​


Settlement System Dispute via Amicable Conciliation


ADCCI Legal Services​


Fourth: Complaints-Settling System via Amicable Conciliation

Mediation; namely, amicable conciliation, is a voluntary process of potential outcomes and one through which parties to a dispute would resort to the Chamber as an unbiased party so as to resolve their mutual disagreements. The Chamber plays a mediator's role through the intermediary of the Legal Services Department that puts the parties into the right framework of reasoning and legal knowledge in order to facilitate their mutual negotiations. This is in an endeavour to both bring about reconciliation and resolve the dispute out of court with a view to save time, effort and money, not to say mitigating the pressure on the courts of law.

1.General terms of accepting complaints

  • A letter addressed to the Abu Dhabi Chamber should be submitted, stating the subject-matter of the complaint with full explanation in Arabic or English.
  • The concerned company/business should be based in the UAE.

         (Note: In Case of companies or establishments -i.e., the Claimant- based in Arab or foreign countries, the complaint                    should be sent via the Chamber of Commerce of their respective country or the commercial attaché of their respective                country's embassy).​

  • Incomplete complaints or complaints without supporting documents (copies of contracts, copies of purchasing requests, copies of receipts, etc…) shall not be accepted
  • Only two types of complaints will be accepted by the Abu Dhabi Chamber's Legal Services Department (LSD); namely, (financial claims and commercial fraud)

2.  Steps of receiving a complaint electronically:​

   1-      A customer shall send the complaint + relevant supporting documents to the LSD.

   2-      An LSD staff member shall study the complaint to determine whether or not to accept it, and shall ask for the missing                 documents in case of incomplete complaint-supporting ones. (and have a reply within two working days)

   3-      Upon accepting the complaint, the approval will be sent from the Legal Department + an Amicable Mediation Request                  Form to the customer who will have to both complete the Form and make a payment of fees amounting to AED 50 at the chamber building

If the prerequisites related to the mandates and terms of reference of the Abu Dhabi Chamber's Legal Services Department are not fulfilled, the complaint shall be turned down and the client directed to the competent entity

Providing and responding to immediate and urgent legal consultancy for the Chamber's members and its stakeholders whether such consultations are written, via the telephone or e-mail or by approaching the Legal Services Department and have a reply within two working days​


Contact Us​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Legal Services Department

Telephone: 02-6177444

Fax: 02-6177126

E-mail: legal@adcci.gov.ae