Chamber News
Posted On 4/10/2018
Abu Dhabi Chamber discusses cooperation relations with Ghana

His Excellency Ibrahim Al-Mahmoud, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has received an economic delegation from Ghana at the Chamber’s Tower in Abu Dhabi. The Ghanaian delegation consisted of more than 30 delegates from Ghanaian companies from different economic and investment sectors.
A number of Board Members of the Abu Dhabi Chamber and His Excellency Mohamed Helal Al-Muhairi, Director General of the Chamber, attended the meeting.
H.E. Al-Mahmoud welcomed the economic delegation from Ghana, noting that the meeting is an opportunity to discuss the best means of increasing economic and trade cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Chamber and Ghana Export Promotion Authority as well as to promote for joint investments between companies and businesses in order to increase the volume of trade exchange between the UAE and Ghana.
“Abu Dhabi has become a key economic hub on the regional and international levels. It has become the preferred destination for international companies desirous of entering regional markets considering its competitive aspects and advanced legislative system that offers distinguished services and facilities that help companies grow and succeed,” Al-Mahmoud said.
He added that within its strategy of economic development, Abu Dhabi works on developing sectors that enjoy strong capabilities to grow and are planned to grow together in high rates to help the emirate in balancing its non-trade trade balance within the policy of Abu Dhabi to diversify the economy.
“The UAE and Ghana enjoy good relations on all levels. Trade exchange between the two countries witnessed considerable growth over the past few years for volume of non-oil trade to reach AED 8.2 billion by the end of 2016. We hope the collective efforts of Abu Dhabi Chamber and the Ghana Export Promotion Authority would bear fruit in the near future so that such trade figures would witness more growth.”
Al-Mahmoud made clear that the Abu Dhabi Chamber is completely ready to offer all kinds of support to Ghanaian companies which have the desire to invest in Abu Dhabi since the Chamber possess all the information and studies that are related to pivotal projects in the emirate.
He concluded his remarks by saying that this meeting is an opportunity to the Emirati companies which operate in the private sector to discuss options of cooperation and investment with their Ghanaian counterparts considering the available and diverse investment opportunities in your country in key sectors such as the construction sector, contracting, oil and gas, tourism, import, export, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and logistics.
For his part, His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, Ambassador of Ghana to the UAE, said: “Through this meeting we hope to benefit from the available investment opportunity in Abu Dhabi and Ghana, especially that the later enjoys many factors which the Emirati private sector can benefit from considering the Ghanaian stable political climate and the encouraging investment environment which made it an attractive destination for Emirati companies.”
He added that gold is available handsomely in Ghana and is considered best quality in the world, pointing the interest of the Ghanaian government to invest in the mining sector, especially considering the availability of oil and gas resources along with other minerals.
 Mr. Yoofi Grant, CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Authority (GIPC), delivered a presentation during the meeting on the economic sectors in Ghana which Emirati investors can take advantage of.
“Ghana is experiencing an active economic movement in different sectors and we look forward to hold strategic partnerships with companies from the private sector in Abu Dhabi to benefit the economy of both sides,” he said.