Chamber News
Posted On 2/11/2018
Abu Dhabi Chamber organizes a seminar on How to Build an Innovation Culture within Your Organization

Within its participation in the Abu Dhabi Innovation Week 2018 from 01 – 07 February, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organized a seminar on “How to Build an Innovation Culture within Your Organization”.
The seminar aims at disseminating concepts and principles and explaining methodologies on measuring corporate innovation and how to draft result-based development plans and how make it a reality.
Prof. Hadi Al-Tijani, Executive Director of the Corporate Support Department, said: “By organizing this seminar, we are aware of spreading the concepts and principles of innovation amongst companies in the public and private sectors in order to develop a proper infrastructure for success, growth and development.”
“We hope this seminar would contribute to increasing the awareness of companies and to build an innovation culture within the companies which strive to grow and expand,” he added.
Prof. Al-Tijani emphasized on the importance of innovation pointing to the most important challenges which must be eliminated. He also stressed on the importance of having the higher management commit to encouraging the mentality of innovation by eliminating the fear amongst workers and employees as well as increasing the spirit of transparency and corporate work.