Chamber News
Posted On 3/16/2017
Abu Dhabi Chamber – Al-Ain Branch organizes a seminar on Innovation in Commercial Businesses and Attracting Customers

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Al-Ain Branch has organized a seminar on Innovation in Commercial Businesses and Attracting Customers at the Chamber’s building in Al-Ain City. Organizing the seminar comes within the efforts of the Chamber to spread awareness and encourage companies in Abu Dhabi to adopt creativity and innovation concepts in all their services, products and businesses.
Mr. Mohamed Saif Al-Khaili, Director of Al-Ain Branch, attended the seminar along with more than 50 companies operating in Al-Ain City.
Mr Salem Al-Esai, Financial and Managerial Advisor on Innovation Strategies in Commercial Projects, said during the seminar that innovation has become one of the main poles of competitive capabilities considering the technological and knowledge advances in the world. “Enhancing competitive capabilities or even maintaining them requires taking serious steps towards innovating and presenting good products with competitive prices or developing new technologies to produce these products.
Al-Esai also spoke of innovation strategies in commercial projects and e-trade and innovation in attracting new customers to new projects. He presented a number of successful and outstanding practical models on innovation in commercial advertisements in all traditional and electronic media. He also lectured the attendance on how to maintain their customers and knowing the reasons why they approach other suppliers to acquire their needs and necessities.