Chamber News
Posted On 1/8/2017
Abu Dhabi Chamber launches a specialized group for the insurance sector under the umbrella of the Services Committee

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of a “specialized group for the insurance sector” which report to the Services Sector Committee of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber.
His Excellency, Sanad Al-Miqbali, Board Member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber and Head of the Services Committee at the Chamber, said that launching the insurance group comes within the strategic frame of the Chamber to support insurance companies in Abu Dhabi considering the insurance sector is one of the key sectors which offer their services to all other sectors and activities. He pointed out that the Chamber will support this sector to overcome any challenges and to increase its role side by side with the financial sector to support the sustainable development process in the emirate.
The Board Member noted that the new group will focus its efforts to strengthen its bonds with those who work in the insurance sector through informing of the services of the Chamber and the role of the group in providing solution for services companies.
Al-Miqbali added that the newly formed group will study the circumstances which affect the economic sector in the emirate and will analyze them and propose proper solutions to the competent authorities. The group will also prepare studies and development researches for new projects related to the insurance sector and which aim at encouraging investments and informing entrepreneurs with the available investment opportunities in this sector.
Al-Miqbali praised the role insurance companies play in Abu Dhabi, especially by providing suitable insurance services that contribute to the continuity and progress of companies in the public and private sectors.