An Introductory Overview on Permanent Committees of the ADCCI Board of Directors

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ADCCI) has paid growing attention to the vital key role that can be assumed by ad hoc committees in serving various economic sectors, which would; in turn, contribute effectively to the acceleration of national economy. For the domestic economy has turned out to rely widely upon the private sector so as to meet the requirements and needs of the current stage coupled with the fast-paced changes on the local, regional and international arenas.

In this context, the Board of Directors has issued a package of important decisions, which would bring to bear the private-public partnership (PPP) for the purpose of socio-economic development in the emirate, leading it up to high horizons of welfare and prosperity.

In unison with the aforesaid content, several sectoral specialized committees of the Board of Directors have been formed as a tool by means of which it would be possible to both grow continuously au courant with the conditions of the private sector, its problems and obstacles and help find relevant down-to-earth solutions with concerned entities. Add to this, conducting professional economic studies with a view to streamline all activities of the private sector, bringing them up to the highest degree of economic efficiency.

Board Standing Committees are set up to:

  1. Strengthen ties and networking between the ADCCI and its members by means of introducing the services being provided by the Chamber and the role of committees therein.
  2. Identify obstacles being encountered by the private sector, making necessary recommendations to competent bodies so as to carry such recommendations into effect .
  3. Help improve the private sector’s performance through holding annual forums, seminars and workshops.
  4. Contribute to streamlining legislations and laws supportive of Abu Dhabi’s economy.
  5. Reactivate private-public partnership (PPP) via the ADCCI.
  6. Prepare research, studies and reports which would both help upgrade trade and industry and improve the business environment .
  7. Remove difficulties which prevent the realization of the private sector’s desired role in backing up the emirate’s economy; and
  8. Enable the private sector to contribute to the achievement of the emirate’s economic vision.

Such committees are joined by board members side by side with a number of businessmen, ADCCI members and affiliated parties working in these varied sectors, along with members from different governmental organizations.

  Board Committees Heads of Committees
1 Industrial Sector's Committee H.E. Abdullah Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Qaisiyah
2 Trade Sector's Committee H.E. Reed Hamad Khamees Al-Shiryani Al-Dhaheri
3 Services Sector's Committee H.E. Sanad Mohammed Saeed Murshed Al-Meqbali
4 Professional Sector's Committee H.E. Ibrahim Ismael Fateh Ali Abdullah Al-Khaja
5 Real Estate Sector's Committee H.E. Mubarak Hamad Mohammed Marzouq Al-Ameri

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